Production begins on our brand new colour cine film!


We are extremely excited to confirm that the production of our brand new colour cine negative film has begun on Monday at our facility in Germany. 

During the last weeks, our team has been busy improving the sensitometry of the cine film and have now crafted a refined formulation. 

We have included new sample photos below, developed in C41.

Production Samples: July 2022 - C41 Developed

We feel that these new sample photos produced by our team show a strong progression from our previous tests, dating back to our first developments in 2020. More parallel sensitometric curves and an even distribution lead to stable results in colour reproduction with a high exposure tolerance.


June 2022

May 2022

March 2020


Each colour film is made from 11 independent layers, each layer is consisting of different sets of emulsions, each emulsion is consisting of up to 30 different ingredients, each ingredient can consist of up to 16 different steps to prepare it. Similar actions apply for the mere process of coating. Differences in humidity, temperature etc. lead to different behavior of fluids, making changes and adjustments necessary.


In collaboration with our partnered Film Studios in the UK and USA, we are pleased to announce that we are in discussions to shoot a major motion picture entirely using this new film stock. 

As previously teased, our colour cine film will be available to purchase in 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and even 65mm. More information on how to order each format will be released soon. 

Tap here to pre-order WOLFEN NC500 in 36 EXP, professionally finished for photographers.

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Welcome to the analogue revolution.


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