An update on our WOLFEN photo films: production, packaging, and shipping.

Dear Film Community, 

Since our last announcement on July 5th, we can now confirm that the production of our brand new C41 colour cine film has successfully finished at our German facility. 

We are proud to say that we think it looks great and we are looking forward to shooting our first feature on it in about 8 weeks time. 

Our WOLFEN photo films are currently being confectioned into 36 EXP Industry standard DX coded steel canisters at our Shanghai facility. However, the team has been forced to pause production, due to the country’s dynamic zero-COVID policy. Due to this, we are sorry to announce that pre-orders will not begin shipping at the end of this month. 

Several large cities including Shanghai are rolling out new mass testing or extending lockdowns on millions of residents to counter new clusters of COVID-19 infections. The commercial hub of Shanghai is yet to fully recover from the harsh two-month lockdown in spring and is still reporting daily sporadic cases. China is adamant about implementing its policy of eliminating outbreaks as soon as they emerge. 

The team at our Shanghai facility has predicted that the first batch of pre-orders will begin shipping in at least 4-6 weeks. 

More photos will be coming soon, as well as an exclusive look at our retro packaging designs. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience and cannot wait to put our WOLFEN photo films in the hands of photographers and filmmakers across the world. 

Best wishes, 

The ORWO Team