ORWO managed Financial Restructuring Plans Agreed by Courts and Dates Released for New Film Stocks.

Dear Film Community, 

It has come to our attention that discussions have started to spread across forums regarding the insolvency of Seal 1818 GmbH, FilmoTec GmbH and InovisCoat GmbH. 

We would like to allay any concerns and stop any rumours. 

Today, the courts have officially agreed our plans for an organised management financial restructuring, something that has been months in the planning and that we have committed a large investment to support. 

We decided to do this so that we can quickly and successfully introduce new working practices, customers and products; which would have been challenging or impossible, due to legacy issues and agreements, that prevented the company from trading the way it needed to (including working with our own ORWO name and Logo, as well as releasing our full range of products under our brand). 

We have recently teased the release of new film stocks and we can now confirm that our new colour cine film will be released in July, with our new black and white 100 ASA film coming before that — with shipping expected in April. More information on each of the stocks and how to pre-order will be coming very soon. 

This is a brand-new and incredibly exciting chapter in ORWO’s rich history, and we are so excited to develop the company and brand that we are all so passionate about. 

Welcome to the analogue revolution. 

Best wishes, 

The ORWO Team.